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silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing

silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing

    • silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing
    • silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing
    • silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing
    • silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing
    • silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing
  • silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: awi
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: awi-F100

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100sqm
    Price: 18-20$/sqm
    Packaging Details: in bags
    Delivery Time: 3-5days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
    Supply Ability: 1000sqm/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Color:: Silver Grey Composition:: Silver Infused Chinlon
    Pattern:: Knitted Function:: Anti Radiation, Radio Frequency Protective, Rf Shielding
    Kg: 90-100g

    silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing


    radio frequency protective clothing

    radio radiation protective clothing 

    rf shielded clothing 

    rf blocking clothing 


    function: anti radiation, antibactrial, conductive, anti-odor
    application:  clothes,  T-shirt, undershirt,curtains, hometextile 

    shielding range:10MHZ-3GHZ

    width: 1.5m
    compostion: silver infused chinlon 
    weight: 90-100g/square meter
    color silver grey 



    Washing Care:

    Machine washable with cold water(below 40 centi-degree)

    Do not iron

    No bleaching

    No chemical dry-cleaning


    Super radiation protection:


    This silver fiber radiation protection fabric can shield more than 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation and protect human health.


    This anti-radiation fabric is made of comfortable and elastic nylon as the base material. It adopts the world’s most advanced multi-rake magnetron vacuum sputtering, composite coating and oxidation-resistant finishing process to organically integrate pure silver and nylon to form a firm surface. The anti-oxidation film layer structure not only keeps the original textile properties of the space anti-radiation fabric, but also has a super strong electromagnetic radiation isolation function.


    In addition to the super anti-electromagnetic wave effect, the space anti-radiation fabric also has the following functions:


    1: Powerful deodorizing function. The growth of bacteria will cause the body to produce odors, and silver ions can very quickly adsorb amonia and spoiled proteins, effectively reducing or eliminating odors.


    2: Efficient antibacterial effect. Ag+ enters the bacteria directly and combines with oxygen metabolism enzyme (-SH), causing the bacteria to suffocate and die; Ag+ can react with the peptidoglycan exposed on the bacterial cell wall to prevent the activity of the bacteria and kill the bacteria; Ag+ can interact with the bacteria The DNA binding of the original body causes the bacterial DNA structure to change, inhibits DNA replication, and causes the bacteria to lose vigor. This unique mechanism of action can kill most harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in contact with it.


    3: Good conductivity. Silver is highly conductive. As long as a small amount of silver fiber is present on the clothes, it will quickly eliminate static electricity generated by friction and make the product feel comfortable without static electricity.


    4: Thermal insulation. The silver fiber can quickly transmit the temperature on the body to lower the body temperature and achieve a cool feeling; in cold weather, the human body’s pores shrink and no longer sweat a lot, and instead emit radiant energy to regulate body temperature, and body temperature is lost. Due to the radiation effect, silver is the most effective storage and reflection material, which can store or reflect radiant energy back to the body to produce the best warmth.




    1. Prevent oxidation As long as you wear a radiation protection suit, you will inevitably be exposed to the air. You can put the radiation protection suit in a plastic bag to isolate the air when you are not wearing the radiation suit, which can extend the service life of the fabric.


    2. Precautions for washing The oxidation rate of silver in acidic and alkaline environments is faster than that in neutral environments. Strong oxidants such as it can greatly accelerate the oxidation of silver fibers. Therefore, neutral detergents should be used when washing space anti-radiation fabrics. Can't be *white. At the same time, the silver fiber will have break points after strong rubbing, which will affect the anti-radiation function, so when washing it, rub it gently and do not wring dry after washing.


    3. Pay attention to the ambient temperature The oxidation rate of silver increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, when washing the silver fiber anti-radiation fabric, the water temperature should not be too high, and the temperature should be below 40℃. Clothes should not be exposed to the sun. If exposed to the sun, the space radiation protection fabric will soon show signs of oxidation. If ironing is required, use a cloth to iron as much as possible, and the temperature should not be too high.

    Many expectant mothers have a misunderstanding that the silver fiber fabric will have no radiation protection effect when it turns black, but this is not the case. The clothes still have an effect after being blackened, but the effect is slowly reduced. As long as you pay attention to the maintenance methods of the above silver fiber radiation protection suit, a silver fiber radiation protection suit can be worn for the entire pregnancy period.


    Simple detection method:


    1. Measure the conductivity of clothes: There is a fundamental difference between anti-radiation fabrics and ordinary fabrics, and they have good conductivity. Users can take the clothes to the home appliance repair department and let the master use the ** meter to test the conductivity of the clothes. Normal clothes do not Conductive properties.


    2. The method of burning the fabric: Generally, there is a small piece of fabric attached to the packaging bag of the general radiation protection suit for the user to test, and the user can use the fire method to test. The anti-radiation fabric is fired into a metal mesh structure. (Take a small piece of product distribution sample cloth, ignite it with fire, and check the unburned part. The flakes are the first generation process; the powder form is the second generation process; the mesh form is the third generation For the craft, the mesh should also pay attention to whether it is coarse metal mesh or fine metal mesh. The finer and denser the metal mesh, the better the quality.) 3. Use a mobile phone to make a call in front of the computer screen. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phone will interfere with the computer monitor, causing clutter and noise. At this time, use a radiation protection suit to block the phone and the computer screen. The clutter and noise will disappear immediately, indicating The radiation protection suit can shield the near field radiation emitted by the mobile phone.

    silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothingsilver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing


    silver infused fabric for radio frequency protective clothing

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